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Dear Customers,

We would like to draw your attention to our shop’s offer, i.e. products made of a natural material: wicker. All products offered by our shop are hand-made based on techniques passed on from one generation to another.

Wicker products combine features that seem not to be reconcilable: lightness and fineness on the one hand and durability on the other. Wicker is a versatile and original material. Wide range of products made of wicker shows how unusual it is: beginning with simple, traditional baskets, to all sorts of containers for bread, wood or underwear, to elaborate products such as furniture, lampshades or flowerbeds. In times of ubiquitous uniformity of products available in shops, where plastic predominates, raw wicker as well as unique hand-made wicker products can successfully change artificial, plastic décor of our homes. Wicker can successfully replace mass-produced goods, and the change is all the more advantageous since wicker products and wicker itself are inexpensive, at the same time being natural and durable. Our aim has been to design entirely professional projects, beginning with the display of products, to professional customer service, to the highest quality of products and customers’ satisfaction. While shopping, you may always feel safe and be sure we would always be ready to help. Any questions and enquires can be posted to: info@autodomena.pl or sent to us through the contact form..

Wicker for everyone – Join us!
Wicker as a natural material is extremely versatile. Furniture, baskets, bookshelves and haberdashery – it all can be made of wicker, giving new appearance both to our homes and offices. Therefore we invite all individual customers as well as companies to get acquainted with our offer. We do not avoid challenges and we are able to process the most unusual order that meets our customers’ needs. When ordering in bulk, product prices can be negotiated and shipping costs lowered. .

We invite you to co-operate with us. Any suggestion is worth our attention; we will address all of them adequately, adjusting to your needs. All questions and suggestions can be posted to: info@autodomena.pl.

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